Dawood is printing, sending fake Rs 2000 notes

New Delhi, Feb 13: Nearly 3 months post demonetisation move announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the counterfeiters sitting across the border in Pakistan have alreadt come up with the fake Rs 2000 currency. The smugglers allegedly used the porous India- Bangladesh border region to send the fake new currencies to India.

Recently, National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Border Security Force (BSF) seized fake currencies which rang alarm bells.

The central security agencies and police intercepted few consignments of Rs 2,000 notes between December 2016 and January from areas near Malda district.

On February 8, West Bengal Police arrested a youth with 40 fake Rs 2,000 currency notes from Murshidabad district, which is termed as the biggest such haul from the porous Indo-Bangla border region post demonetisation. The youth, Azizur Rahman told the investigating agencies that these fake currencies are printed in Pakistan, allegedly with the help of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), and had been smuggled across the border from Bangladesh.

Precisely, the Inter Services Intelligence have been reportedly printing the fake Rs 2000 notes in Pakistan and use the porous India- Bangladesh border region to send the fake currencies to India with the help of Dawood Ibrahim.

According to highly placed sources, smugglers are needed to pay Rs 400-Rs 600 in original currency to obtain each fake Rs 2000 note. The amount varies depending on the quality of the fake notes.

Experts and investigators have also revealed that the counterfeiters have already replicated around 11 of the 17 security features in the new Rs 2000 notes. It includes watermark, the letters ‘Rs 2000’ on the left, Ashoka Pillar emblem, watermark, denomination number in Devanagari, transparent area, and guarantee clause with the RBI governor’s signature.