David Headley names Ishrat as Key LeT operative; Here are key facts revealed by him

New Delhi: Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) operative David Headley’s deposition began at 7:30 am today via video conferencing.

The deposition, which was earlier scheduled for Wednesday got postponed following technical glitches.

Headley made some stark revelations in 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks while deposing before a Mumbai Court in the two days of his deposition. He also named Hafiz Saeed and ISI as co-conspirators in the attacks.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. I opened an office in Mumbai's Tardeo AC market area on 14th September, 2006.

2. On 11th October 2006, I received Rs 66,605 from Dr. Tahawwur Rana when I was in Mumbai.

3. On 7th November 2006, I received 500 US dollars from Dr.Tahawwur Rana.

4. I received Rs 17636 On 30th November & 1000 US dollars on 4th Dec 2006 from Tahawwur Rana.

5. I received all the amount through Nariman branch of IndusInd Bank.

6. Tahawwur Rana visited Mumbai before terror attack & I advised him to return back to the US, so that he won't be in any danger.

7. Before my visit to India, I received 25000 US dollars from Major Iqbal & 40000 Pak rupees from Sajid Mir.

8. I received Rs 2000 in April 2008 & Rs 1500 in June 2008 from Major Iqbal.

9. Major Iqbal gave me counterfeit Indian currency 2-3 times.

10. I received Rs 18000 from Abdur Rehman Pasha.

11. On 1st November 2006 I signed the agreement of my office in Tardeo area of Mumbai, with landlord Mr. Bora.

12. The contents I had mentioned in the agreement of my office in Mumbai's Tardeo area, were true.

13. On 16th July 2008,I applied for extension of license (Mumbai office) to stay in premises and I got the extension was granted.

14. An application was submitted to Reserve Bank of India to open a business account in India with signatures of Raymond Sanders.

15. RBI refused to give permission to open a business account.

16. I wanted to close down office in Jan 2009 post terror attack, Major Iqbal also wanted to close it.

17. But Tahawwur Rana said he would like to continue and also took some steps.

18. I visited Reliance web world on 12 Sept,18th & 30th Oct 2007 to access internet with login id- immigration.usa.

19. My signatures are there at the entry book of Reliance webworld in Mumbai

20. I was sending mails to Tahawwur Rana, Major Iqbal and Sajid Mir in Pakistan & was also receiving mails from them

21. While exchanging the emails with Tahawwur Rana, Major Iqbal and Sajid Mir I used to use code language

22. I used 2-3 mobile numbers between the period of 2006 to 2009 during my visit to India

23. I provided photocopy of my passport to service provider to obtain & activate those mobile numbers:

24. David Headley names Ishrat Jahan before Mumbai Court.

25. Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi told me about botched operation of Muzammil in India, he explained about the operation.

26. The operation was about to shoot police at some naka. One woman LeT named Ishrat Jahan was involved.

27. Muzammil Bhatt was the head of our group before Sajid Mir.

28. David Headley confirms that there was a woman wing in LeT.

29. David Headley denied involvement of any woman suicide bomber in LeT on being asked by Ujjwal Nikam.

30. David Headley named Ishrat Jahan as LeT operative who was involved in an operation about shooting police at naka, Nikam.

31. 1 prsn named Abu Dujata introduced me to Muzzammil. Later I learned that both Abu Dujata & Muzzammil visited Indian occupied Kashmir.

32. Abu Aiman Mazhar was in charge of LeT's women wing.

33. Besides India occupied Kashmir, Muzzammil(LeT),planned many attacks in diff states of India,particularly Maharashtra & Gujarat.

34. Muzzammil Bhatt had planned to attack Akshardham temple in Gujarat post destruction of Babri Masjid.

35. I know Abu Khafa, who comes on 2nd position in LeT after Lakhvi.

36. I met Abu Khafa in Muridke near Lahore in Pak at a meeting. Hafiz sahab & Lakhvi sahab were also present in the meeting.

37. Sajid Mir & Abu Khafa were talking on phone with 26/11 attackers from a control room in Karachi.

38. I came to know that Abu Khafa was involved in 26/11 terror attack after I heard his voice on Sajid Mir's laptop.

39. Sajid Mir played audio clip having Abu Khafa's voice on his laptop in Rawalpindi.

40. Sajid Mir showed me the Indian media coverage of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks on his laptop in Rawalpindi.

41. I & Sajid Mir were very happy: David Headley on being asked about his reaction post 26/11 terror attacks: Ujjwal Nikam.

42. Abu Khafa was working with Sajid Mir. I met Abu Khafa in 2003 when he was a course instructor.

43. Abu Khafa later became my trainer.

44. Abu Khafa's nephew was also one of the 10, 26/11 attackers.

45. David Headley confirms there is a separate naval wing in LeT.

46. I know Mohd Yakub who was the in charge of LeT's sea operations. I was introduced to him in 2003.

47. I don't know Mohd. Yakub's role in 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.

48. I discussed about site for landing boat carrying attackers, with some of members of LeT's naval wing prior to 26/11 attacks.

49. I know Haji Ashraf who's a businessman from Lahore. He is in charge of financial wing of LeT.

50. Yes, I know him. He's the LeT guy: David Headley on being asked if he knows Abdul Aziz (who was involved in Bengaluru terror attacks).

51. Abu Anas was the assistant to Sajid Mir. He was a party to the criminal conspiracy of 26/11 terror attacks.

52. When shown photograph of Ilyas Kashmiri, David Headley recognized him and said he's a member of Al-Qaeda.

53. During period of 9th April to 15th April 2008, and the period of 1st July 2008 to 31st July 2008, I came to Mumbai from Pak.

54. I came to Mumbai from Pakistan to select the landing sites for safe arrival of attackers in Mumbai.

55. During this time, I took 4-5 boat rides to check landing sites. These rides include Gateway of India,Cuffe Parade and Worli (Mumbai).

56. David Headley admits before court that he knows Jund al-Fida,he defines it as an "army of fidayeens"established and headed by Ilyas Kashmiri.

57. When I interacted with Ilyas Kashmiri about 26/11 terror attack. He was very happy and gave me "shaabashi".

58. David Headley admits that Captain Kurram of Pak Army working in Special service group was unhappy with Army, then he joined LeT.

59. David Headley admits that Captain Kurram of Pak Army was later unhappy with LeT, so he joined Al Qaeda.

60. David Headley recognized the picture of Gateway of India where he conducted a surveillance for landing site for arrival of terrorists.

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