David Beckham gets a horse tattoo on his neck

Los Angeles, (PTI) Former footballer David Beckham has added a new horse tattoo on the right side of his neck.

Victoria Beckham took to Instagram to show off her husband's newest ink, which sits just below his "Buster" tattoo he had in honor of his eldest son Brooklyn Beckham, reported Ace Showbiz.

"Amazing artist Mark Mahoney @Shamrocksocialclub @davidbeckham X kisses from Los Angeles us VB," Victoria wrote alongside the black-and-white photo which gave a close-up look at David's horse tattoo done by famed tattoo artist Mahoney at Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, California.

David, 41, has more than 40 tattoos on his body, including four tattoos in honor of his four children, the number "99" on his little finger to mark the year he got married, a hummingbird in tribute to Victoria in addition to her name in Hindi and image.

He also has some religious tattoos including a cross design on his back, a religious scene depicting Jesus being carried by three cherubs, a scene of a woman in a forest over the right-hand side of his chest and an image of Jesus below his ribcage.

The latter is based on a painting called "The Man of Sorrows" by Catholic artist Matthew R. Brooks.