Daughter is just like SRK, know why

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana is a pro in her father's profession. He began his acting career with theatre, and now daughter Suhana, is a talent waiting to be unveiled to the world.

Suhana recently performed as Cinderella in a school play and her video is trending. Dressed in a green ensemble, Suhana plays Cinderella with a twist — the fairytale character is annoying, self-obsessed and a whiner.

Shah Rukh once told news agency PTI that Suhana wants to become an actor. "My daughter wants to learn acting but I don't know where to send her in India. We don't have any good acting school," he told PTI. He later told Femina that Suhana can become an actor 

"if she has the passion and guts to work five times harder than me and get paid 10 times less than I do." He added: "I want her to experience what my female co-stars have gone through. My daughter will be an actor like them and I want to feel the pain."