Dark little secrets of Donald Trump..find out

Washington: Everyone has probably hear about Donald Trump. The US- president elect will be swearing in as US President soon on Friday.

Trump has been making rounds in media reports because of his statements on random issues.

Let's take a look at few of Trump's dark and dirty little secrets-

-No such thing as 'Marital Rape'

According to Donald Trump, wives cannot e raped by their husband. Few years ago, Trump was involved in a marital rape case where his wife alleged that Trump raped her, to which Trump strongly contended that legally their is no such thing as 'Marital Rape'.

-The Trump University

Accused of fraud, Trump is battling a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Former Trump University students for jeopardizing their future.

-Proving point=Shelling Million dollars

Donald Trump is so rich that he spends million dollars legally to prove himself. Though he is factually false mostly.

-Calls Mexicans 'rapist'

Trump has a certain grudge against Mexican immigrants. To defend his argument of noot welcoming immigrants in decent way, he calls them 'rapists' and 'criminals'.

-Sexist Behavior

Well that should not be explained, we all know how he treated his wife and passed comments o his elder daughter!