Danish exhibit portrays Paris and Brussels attackers as ‘martyrs’

Copenhagen: An art group in Copenhagen decided to hold an exhibit dedicated to history’s martyrs. But alongside the likes of Joan of Arc and Socrates, visitors will also find the Paris and Brussels attackers, something that got the group reported to the police. Ida Grarup Nielsen, who leads the artist collective The Other Eye of The Tiger, sees the theme of martyrs as encompassing persons on any side of history who were willing to die for their cause, RT reported. The installation, to take place May 26-March 10 at Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District, will be fashioned into a museum in the vein of Tehran’s Martyrs’ Museum. An interactive show of sorts will take place, including imagery and sound, as well as replicas of objects associated with a given figure, the online portal said. For Ibrahim and Khalid el-Bakraoui, who devastated Brussels on March 22, the exhibit will include a black leather glove believed to have been worn by Ibrahim to conceal a bomb detonator. A part of the exhibit will be devoted to Foued Mohamed-Aggad, who blew himself up in front of the Bataclan music venue in Paris. The Barkraoui brothers will get a slightly smaller expose, with items and images, but no tour. “Our exhibit is really about describing the term ‘martyr’ from as many different angles as possible and through history,” Nielsen said, adding that each figure on display is “the hero of (their) own story”.