Cyber Cell in Noida to curb cyber crime

Police Cyber Cell Lab Opened in Noida: First forensic cyber cell lab in Noida is all geared up to tackle all criminal activities online. The lab is equipped with several advanced high-tech equipment’s and few will be added later to the cradle. This lab is going to facilitate the needs of not only Noida but the entire Uttar Pradesh. D.G.P. of U.P. Police will inaugurate this lab tomorrow at 11:00 IST.


Till date Noida police used to take help from other states in cases involving cyber activities. But now U.P. police is well equipped to curb cyber crimes in not only in its state and districts but also other regions of the country. This lab is going to facilitate mobile and computer data investigation of the convicts, it will also empower to tab criminal activities taking place via email and social media.

S. Kiran, SSP Noida said “this facility is divided into 6 sections with an incharge for each cell who will cater to public complaints for investigation. This facility is well equipped to curb criminal activities online but only time will tell how successful will this facility be."