Cricketer R Ashwin's wife reveals their 'first night' secret!

New Delhi, Nov 17: There couldn't have been a better way of celebrating their 7th marriage anniversary. Ravichandran Ashwin’s wife Prithi Aswin had this unique idea of celebrating their great day. Sh took to twitter handle to reveal a BIG SECRET about their first marriage night, knowing well that their relationship and marriage now rest on a solid foundation.

When hubby Ashwin took to the twitter handle to wish his wife,this is how Prithi Aswin responded.



It was really interesting to know that the entire Indian cricket team had played a prank on them by putting several alarm clocks in different places of the room. ANd she does not stop here she went on to share:

Ashwin had a heart touching message for his wife, thanking her for being by her side through all thick and thin.

Pritha had a cute and witty response:

"Thick and thin we managed. But do you think our marriage is strong enough to go through keto "