Crawford discussed sexual harassment with daughter

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Los Angeles, Nov 2: Supermodel Cindy Crawford makes sure she discusses sexual harassment in the fashion industry with her daughter Kaia Gerber, even though she thinks the business has changed. Crawford has had a "conversation" with her 16-year-old daughter about the topic. She hopes her children are in a "new environment" where sexual harassment issues happen "less". "It's about having a conversation. It's awareness. And hopefully she's in a new environment, where (sexual harassment) will be less," Crawford told about how she protects her family. Her comment comes in the wake of sexual assault allegations made against film mogul Harvey Weinstein. She said she never discussed sexual harassment when she embarked on her modelling career, and though she was "hit on" by males, she "always knew" how to get herself out of an uncomfortable situation. "I don't have a 'Me too' moment. It's not like guys didn't hit on me, but I always knew how to get myself out of the situation. The more conversation about anything is how we move forward as a society," Crawford said. Kaia made her fashion week debut during the Alexander Wang show earlier this year, but Crawford has said she wished she could have delayed her child's career from taking off so quickly.