Countries where same sex-marriage is legal

New Delhi: The Supreme Court will today hear a petition challenging Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalizes homosexuality in India.

The 150-year old law was formulated by Lord Macaulay in 1860 and terms ‘voluntary carnal intercourse’, with any man, woman or animal “against the order of nature”.

The debate on legalizing homosexuality is old.

Though the judicial system in India has maintained its stance on the issue, many countries around the world that have recognized the LGBT community and allowed same-sex marriage in their jurisdiction.

Here is the list of countries where gay-marriage is legal:

The Netherlands (2000)

Belgium (2003)

Canada (2005)

Spain (2005)

South Africa (2006)

Norway (2009)

Sweden (2009)

Argentina (2010)

Iceland (2010)

Portugal (2010)

Denmark (2012)

Brazil (2013)

England and Wales (2013)

France (2013)

New Zealand (2013)

Uruguay (2013)

Luxembourg (2014)

Scotland (2014)

Finland: (signed 2015, effective 2017)

USA (2015)

Ireland: (2015)

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