Cotton, bamboo blends best summer fabrics for children

New Delhi:  For children cotton and the bamboo fabric has always been preferred due to comfort and lightness, says an expert. Rajat Kapoor, expert, Poney, a children’s apparel retailer in Malaysia, has shared some of the best fabrics for children. * Cotton and cotton blends: Cotton has always been a preferred fabric for every age group with a wide range of prints, textures, and motifs. With its unique features and multipurpose approach, cotton has become a largely used fabric in garment manufacturing sector.  * Bamboo and bamboo blends: Bamboo fabric is very soft, often described as feeling like cashmere. This is because the bamboo fibre itself is naturally round and smooth without any chemical treatment. It can be worn directly on the skin due to no sharp spurs to irritate the skin due to its organic nature. Bamboo fibres are also quite long which means that there is less pilling of the fabric than in the cheaper varieties of cotton. The softness and quality of the fabric itself seem to stand up to multiple items of washing.  * Rayon and rayon blends: Rayon and its blends are made of natural cellulose which is chemically processed to produce fibres. Its ability to absorb humidity makes it a perfect fabric for summer just like linen or cotton. Rayon should be dry cleaned due its shorter durability. * Fine polyester and polyester blends: It is an ideal fabric for warm garments and soft accessories such as blankets, caps, mittens, and bibs.