Congress will win over 150 seats in Rajasthan: Rajeev Shukla

Jaipur, Dec 2: Congress is confident of a landslide victory in Rajasthan. Taking a dig at PM Narendra Modi, senior Congress leader Rajeev Shukla said that PM  has left the Rajasthan battlefield as he knows that BJP will suffer a heavy loss in the assembly elections. Expressing the upbeat mood in Congress camp, Shukla said that Congress will win over 150 seats.    “Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji himself has no hope left from Rajasthan and that is the reason he is travelling abroad. The way he had campaigned in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, the same aggressiveness is not reflecting in Rajasthan. It means he understood that the BJP is loosing. Our graph is going up and will win more than 150 seats,” Shukla said while interacting with journalistsModi is in Argentina to participate in G20 summit. He is slated address three rallies in Rajasthan on December 4.Attacking Vasundhra Raje, Shukla said that not only CM but her top ministers will also lose this time. “No Minister is supporting her. Because all the decisions pertaining to allotment of tenders through illegal means were taken by the chief minister herself. She did not include anyone. Due to this, the image of ministers got maligned and public won’t vote them this time. I’m telling you many senior ministers will lose their seat this time," added the senior Congress leader.“Our party does not approve such language. We should maintain dignity in public domain,” said Shukla on use of below the belt remarks during campaign.Rajasthan goes to poll on December 7.

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