Congress tears into PM Modi's double standards on World Bank

New Delhi, Nov 1: Congress on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on the Narendra Modi government, accusing of it double standards on World Bank. The party was reacting to senior Modi government ministers prasing PM Modi's reform measures which helped India jump 30 places in Ease of Doing Business rankings.

" Those who blamed former PM Manmohan Singh for taking World Bank too seriously are today swearing by a World Bank report," said senior Congress leader   Rajeev Shukla. Puncturing holes in the World Bank methodology while preparing the report, Shukla said that the report "just includes standards of two high profile cities of Mumbai and Delhi", and thus cannot be construed as giving a true picture of business environment in the country.

Quoting from  "Rise and Fall of Nations", a book by Morgan Stanley economist Ruchir Sharma, Shukla said that countries often indulge in hiring agencies to boost their Ease of  Doing Business ratings.  

Shukla added that the report does not include the impact of note band and GST,  two measures that have affected the businesses most. " A reality check is needed to study the affect of GST and note ban, especially on the small and medium enterprises," he added.

"Those who are happy on World Bank Report should also give an opinion on the 100th position that India has on the Hunger Index," quipped Shukla.