Congress Puja Dhamaka: Tell cost of Rafale and win Rs 5 crore

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Oct 16: Poster-War in Bihar is on and the one which is attracting everyone's attention is by Congress which announces Rs 5 crore for guessing the cost of Rafale. The innuendo is too clear to be missed. 

There are two questions put on the poster which clearly intends to mock the Modi government. The two questions when translated roughly are:

1. Tell the names of 35 airports made by the Modi government and 

2. Tell the cost of Rafale fighter planes that India is buying from France. 

The poster has pictures of two Congress workers Siddharth Kshatriya and Venkatesh Raman. The poster shows PM Modi sitting on the Rafale aircraft.

Before this, another round of poster-war has taken place. In a poster, the caste of Congress leaders had been mention. The poster also mentioned Congress president Rahul Gandhi as the one belonging to the Brahmin community. In response to this, the BJP had written the caste of its leaders as "Indian", obviously ridiculing the Congress' caste politics. 

It is worth a mention that the cost of Rafale is not to be disclosed according to the pact between Indian and French government.

Interestingly the poster neither has the word 'Congress' in the poster nor does it have the Congress symbol. but Rahul Gandhi's picture is there on the poster and this is enough.