Congress needs surgery, must move from dynasty to meritorious structure: Arun Jaitley

New Delhi: Launching a direct scathing attack on the Congress government, Arun Jaitley on Saturday said that the party is in dire need of a surgery — it needs to move away from dynasty leadership to a meritorious political structure.


“Congress should decide whether it wants a structured party with a galaxy of leadership or a family-ruled party,” asked Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in News24 Conclave. “Dynasty is like an albatross around the neck: the members become irrelevant without it and stagnane if they stay put.”


Jaitley also attacked Congress’ vice president Rahul Gandhi for practising double standard. Following his suit-boot jibe at the BJP government, he said that the people protesting against BJP for being a “suit-boot ki sarkar” came out in support of jewellers, who were protesting against the government for levying tax on luxury items.


Talking about GST, Mr. Jaitley said that the BJP government is keen to pass the bill as soon as possible. “We want to pass GST as soon as we can. We want to pass it with support from the opposition; and if they oppose, the GST bill will be put to vote. We have support from all the state government for the implementation of GST.”


In the second session of News24 Conclave marking two years of Modi governance, Jaitley expressed concerns over the encroachment of Courts into the government functioning. “Executive should be allowed to perform legislative function and the judicial function should be exercised by the Courts. One shouldn’t encroach upon each other’s function,” Jaitley expressed.

Reported and Edited by: Mayank Mohanti

News24 Bureau