Come sunset and women of this village cannot wear nightie...or else they will be fined

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Nov 10: In a strange diktat issued to women in Andhra Pradesh village the women folk cannot wear a nightie in daytime or else they will be fined. This certainly will appear as a very strange piece of news to many as following a strange diktat, women in Andhra Pradesh has given up (or rather forced) to give up their comfortable lifestyle. According to news agency ANI, the villagers have revealed that some elders of Andhra Pradesh's Godavari district have admonished the women of a complete social boycott if found guilty of wearing a nighty. the only time they can wear a nighty is between 7PM to 7AM.Not just this, the people have been ordered to keep the matter hushed and not tell the government officials.For the past nine months, the women of AP’s West Godavari district have stopped donning the comfortable dress in keeping with the diktat issued by some village elders who decided that nighties are, well, meant for the night.

Women in Nidamarru Mandal's Thodukalpalli village of West Godavari district say that they're happy to follow a rule which has been imposed in their village that women will not wear nighties from 7am-7pm. The rule had allegedly been formulated by elders of the village. 

"Women in the village have decided not to wear nighties during day and informed elders of the village. Elders gave us a specific time slot during which ban will be imposed but there's no rule to collect fines from women who violate the time slot," says a resident of Thodukalpalli.

According to the report, the villagers revealed that some elders have admonished the women of a complete social boycott if found guilty. A nine-member committee of elders in Tokalapalli village has issued a decree which says that any woman found wearing a nightie between 7 AM and 7 PM will be fined Rs 2,000. What is more is that any woman who informs about the erring woman will be rewarded Rs 1000. 

According to a report in TOI, Tokalapalli sarpanch Fantasia Mahalakshmi said that washing clothes in the open, going to grocery shops and attending meetings in a nightie “is not good”. However, she denied imposing a ban or threatening a social boycott of women who violated the rule.

And this diktat is being followed in letter and spirit in the village and the voice of revolt is muzzled.