CM of poor people will gift Rs 5.5 cr to God!

Hyderabad:  He is a Chief Minister of a state. He is known for spending public money on himself. He recently got his residence renovated, and the cost to exchequer was estimated at Rs 38 crore. Now he is back in news for buying gold ornaments worth Rs 5.5 crore to give them away as gift.    

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will visit Tirumala temple on Wednesday  to express his thanks to Lord Venkateshwara, for making the state formation a reality.

As a 'symbol of gratitude' KCR will also gift gold ornaments worth Rs 5.5 crore to the temple. But there is a catch - the expense of it doesn't come from KCR's personal account, but from the state exchequer.

This is despite the fact that KCR made these 'promises' in his personal capacity while he was spearheading the campaign for the formation Telangana.The ornaments include a Saligrama Haram (lotus model golden necklace), weighing about 14.9 kg and a five-row Kante (carcanet), weighing 4.65 kg.

This is not the first time KCR is offering "thanksgiving" to Gods for the state formation.He had presented a golden crown to goddess Bhadrakali of Warangal, Bangaru Meesalu (golden moustache) to lord Veerabhadra Swamy at Kuravi in Warangal, Mukku Pudaka (nose stud) to goddess Kanaka Durga in Vijayawada and goddess Padmavathi in Tiruchanur.