Clinton feels India can play key global role: Lokesh Muni

Washington, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton feels that India can play a prominent role in global affairs in the years to come, a top Jain spiritual leader has said after meeting her.

"She (Clinton) said India in the coming years is destined to play an important global role. And spiritual leaders can play a big role in this," Acharya Lokesh Muni said.

The former Secretary of State, who played a key role in strengthening India-US relationship in the first term of  the Obama  administration, expressed her views during her interaction with Muni, who led a delegation of Jain leaders to the US.

Clinton family has a great relationship with India, he noted, adding that he told the Democratic presidential nominee that India and the US need to work together to fight the menace of poverty and illiteracy in other parts of the world, in particular in Africa.

"We need to put a joint fight against violence and terrorism, which of late has posed a major challenge to peace and development across the world. She was all for it," Muni said.

He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is laying a strong foundation for the development of India.

"One should realise that it takes time to fix things. His government is moving in the right direction. Its results in the coming days would be visible," he said adding that there have been no major corruption cases in this government.

However, he said expectation of the people from this government are much higher.