Cliff Richard not planning to retire

Los Angeles: A performer for the last 62 years, septuagenarian singer Cliff Richard says he is not planning to retire any time soon. Richard, 75, who suffered two years of inspired police investigations after being accused of sexual abuse -- only for the charges to be dropped due to lack of evidence, insists he never worries about his advancing years and just carries on doing what he's happy with, reports "It's important not to give in to age. It's just a state of mind. You need to keep your state of mind clear,” Richard said during an interaction for a radio station. "Retirement is not in my vocabulary. It's too easy for us to think, 'Oh, I'm 76, I can't be seen doing that'. That's wrong, just wear what you're going to wear. Be what you are going to be,” added the singer, who will turn 76 in October. The “Bachelor Boy” hitmaker, whose younger sister Donna Goulden passed away earlier this month, insists he is still in very good health but has frequent medical check ups. "I've been fortunate, I've not had any major illness. I haven't had to deal with that. When I go on tour, I have to have this insurance company that covers me. I have to get checked up for everything,” Richard said.