Chris Brown slams Taylor Swift, Kanye West

Los Angeles: Singer Chris Brown has slammed musicians Taylor Swift and Kanye West for acting like children. The couple has fallen out over a line in the rapper's track "Famous" - and the "Loyal" singer isn't impressed, reports Swift recently took to Instagram to reveal that she was upset about being called "that b****" in West's track "Famous" and berated the rapper for only telling her half the line in the song after Kim Kardashian released a video of the two stars discussing the track. Brown commented under the post: "Who gives a f***." He continued: "Celebrities, freedom of speech??, come back to f****** planet earth. Everyone really be acting like little a** kids (Even me at time). "Oh no...Someone said something I don't like, Ouch, my P**** hurt. Make music and shut the f*** up." After his comments were screenshot and posted online, he insisted it wasn't a "dis" on anyone in particular, but just a comment on "consumed" celebrities.