Cho chweet! Video: Spiritual Deepika performs Ganga Aarti

Mumbai: This is the other side of actress who shocked her fans when she said that she wants to have a baby with Vin Diesel. Then she followed it up with another one that she wants to have a lot of babies. But, this outspoken Bollywood diva has a traditional side.

On Monday, Deepika Padukone she was seen in Rishikesh in a simple traditional attire sans makeup. She later attended Ganga aarti, and was seen completely lost in devotion while performing the aarti. 

Taking off time from her busy schedule to visit Rishikesh for Ganga aarti shows the spiritual side of  Deepika. But her devotional side is often evident in Mumbai, when she visits Siddhivinayak Temple before her new releases. And yes, she is one of the few brave persons in the world, who have the courage to tell the world about their depression.