Chloe Moretz wanted breast job at 16

Los Angeles: Actress Chloe Moretz has revealed that she wanted a "b**b job" at the age of 16. The "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" star said she wanted to get plastic surgery but her mother didn't want her to go under the knife, reports  "When I was 16. I wanted a b**b job. I wanted the fat pad under my chin to be removed. I wanted a butt reduction, or whatever," Moretz told Elle magazine.  "And my mom said, 'Absolutely not, you are not allowed to have plastic surgery'. And because of that, I found a lot of power within my insecurities. They are what make me who I am now," she added.  As an actress and model, Moretz doesn't want to pretend that she was born like this. "I want to be as natural as can be. And I want to break it down for young women so they understand that you are not just 'born' like this," she explained.