Chinese medicine for Vijay Mallyas..India should swallow the pill

New Delhi: Most of us, including the government, are against imports from China. But there’s something that all Indians will support if the government decides to import from China- the policy on how to handle all the Vijay Mallyas of India.

China has shown the way, hopefully India will adopt it too. Had it been China, Vijay Mallya couldn’t have boarded an aircraft. In a major crackdown on bank defaulters. 

China has barred them from flights, from high speed trains, from getting loans and from getting promotions too.    

The Chinese government has handed over a list of 67.30 lakh bank defaulters to Supreme Court. Now 61.5 lakh cannot purchase air tickets, 22 lakh can’t board high speed trains and 71,000 can’t be appointed as corporate executives. Of course, some of them figure on all lists. 

To insure fool proof restrictions, Supreme Court has passed on ID card numbers and passport details to airlines and railway companies.

Interestingly, those facing restrictions include politicians and government servants. Truly, there is a lesson for India here.