China warns India..keep off Taiwan

Beijing: China on Wednesday lodged a protest over an ongoing visit by Taiwanese MPs to New Delhi and asked India to honour its commitment to "One China policy".


Beijing also warned New Delhi to be cautious in dealing with Taiwan.

"China has urged India to honour its commitment to the One China policy and cautiously handle issues regarding Taiwan," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shunag said.

India has a commitment on issues regarding Taiwan, Xinhua news agency quoted him as saying.

China considers Taiwan a breakaway province, which it has vowed to reunite some day. India is among the countries that have no diplomatic ties with the self-ruled island.

"China has always been opposed to any official contact between Taiwan and countries having diplomatic ties with China," the spokesperson said.

Three Taiwanese lawmakers are on a visit to India.

"We hope India respects and understands China's core concerns, sticks to the One China policy and properly handles issues regarding Taiwan in a bid to maintain healthy and stable growth of China-India relations."