China sends a stern message to Pakistan, calls PoK part of India for the first time

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Nov 30: This can certainly come as a rude shock to Pakistan and especially so because it comes from China.CGTN Television, which is China’s state-run TV channel has for the first time excluded Pak-occupied Kashmir (PoK) from Pakistan’s map. This came to notice while the terror attack on its consulate in Karachi was reported last Friday.As reported in Times of India, it is not possible that the state-run television would ever defy Beijing. Report suggests that it was a move by China to signal to Pakistan its strong displeasure and convey to Pakistan its failure in protecting its citizens.This is not new and Beijing often uses state-run media to send messages before contemplating major policy changes in issues related to domestic and international issues. Perhaps Beijing was testing waters and was guaging Pakistan's response.As of now Islamabad has not reacted to the broadcast.

The timing of the move is significant as it comes just two weeks ahead of the joint drill to be conducted by India and China’s militaries on December 10. Observers, however, warned that this one-off deviation from the norm should not be seen as a change in China’s official policy, the TOI said.It is not known if this was a deliberate move by China, but according to the Times of India, the CGTN uses fixed templates for maps and production staff are not allowed to tinker with them. So the decision to use a different map to report on the consulate attack must have come from higher authorities.New Delhi has often voiced strong reservations regarding China-Pakistan Economic-Corridor (CPEC) as it passes through PoK and violates India’s sovereignty.

this move is also being closely watched as Pakistan has a new PM in Imran Khan now and not too long back there was a PDA moment of the two heads of the state.

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