China comes with a begging bowl to India

Greater Noida, Nov 16 China on Thursday made a strong pitch for its "Belt and Road" initiative and proposed setting up a non-political and non-government body to allay fears on its implementation.

The China Highway and Transportation Society (CHTS) and Belt and Road Transport Corporation held a special session at the ongoing World Road Meeting here to promote Chinese President XI Jinping's ambitious project.

CHTS President Mengyong Weng said the non-political and non-government body would bring more openness among countries regarding the initiative.

"We have proposed setting up of a Belt and Road International Transport Alliance (BRITA) to promote the idea and achievements of the initiative among the member countries," Weng said at the World Road Meeting.

He added the initiative would not only bring economic prosperity in the region but would also help in peace and cooperation, a statement said. 

"It will help ward off the fears that Belt and Road initiative is detrimental to stability, and would create a big one family of countries en route the silk road."

Weng added that the initiative would not only focus on Asian, European and African countries, but will also be open to all other countries.

"China will contribute $14.5 billion to the silk road fund and two Chinese banks will be lending $55 billion to member countries," he added.

Touted as Jinping's ambitious project, the One Belt One Road initiative focuses on improving connectivity and cooperation among Asian countries, Africa and China.

It consists of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk road which connects China with various countries and continents including Europe and South Africa.

India is yet to join the initiative.