Chilean engineer develops early cancer detection system

Santiago: A Chilean engineer has developed an early cancer detection system based on a simple blood test. The technology is based on a diagnostic test to detect microRNA, small molecules of genetic material which function as a biomarker for various types of pathologies, Xinhua news agency reported citing local daily La Tercera. "We are now focusing on the development of this tool for stomach cancer. However, the idea is that in the future, this technology could be applied to other types of cancer and different conditions," engineer Alejandro Tocigl said at a press conference in Santiago on Tuesday. Stomach cancer deaths are the highest in Chile. "Early detection and timely treatment increases survival chances over five years to around 90 percent," said Tocigl. Tocigl's company, Miroculus, created the system which mixes a patient's microRNA molecules with specialised chemical compounds.  The system then analyses the molecules and runs a diagnosis to identify correlations with specific conditions.