Chhattisgarh Manthan: How much has the state changed in last 14 years

New Delhi, Dec 10: Every Indian's Channel News24 is all set to host the biggest show popularly known as Manthan on December 11 in Chhattisgarh. In this program which will run throughout the day, we will know from Chief Minister of the state Raman Singh that how much the state has changed in the last 14 years. We will also ask the opposition in the state about the biggest issue in the state.  

News24's exclusive program Chhattisgarh Manthan will ask each and every question that people of the state have from the CM Raman Singh and things that the government has done so far keeping the interest of people in mind. Apart from this, the program will also ask the CM about its policy on the biggest menace of Naxalism and whether the government will be able to wipe out Naxalism from the state by 2022. 

In this program, we will ask the residents of the state about the biggest issue they have been facing and whether the government is working on to resolve it or not. The program will also focus on the state government's preparation for the 2019 elections and ask the representatives of the state if they will be able to gift the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government another victory.