Check the new petrol, diesel price in your city today

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Oct 6: Here are the petrol prices in two major metros today, despite a slight rise, people heave a sigh of relief.

Petrol and Diesel prices in #Delhi are Rs 81.68 per litre (increase by Rs 0.18) and Rs 73.24 per litre (increase by Rs 0.29), respectively. Petrol & Diesel prices in #Mumbai are Rs 87.15 per litre (increase by Rs 0.18) and Rs 76.75 (decrease by Rs 0.70), respectively.

 Finally after many days this comes as a major relief for the common man who has been reeling under the pressure of price rise in all day-to-day things around him.Now petrol prices have been slashed by 2.50 and in all BJP ruled states the fuel prices are cheaper by Rs 5. It is expected that other states will also tow the line and prices would be slashed further in non-BJP-ruled states as well.Finally, a big announcement has come from the Finance Minister of India Arun Jaitley. The government had assured on Thursday that there will be a cut in petrol, diesel prices by Rs 2.50 and if the states match this cut, which the center has asked the states to do, then the Aam Aadmi will get a relief of Rs 5 on fuel prices. This comes to a major relief.