Chandrapur hottest at 46.4 degree Celsius in Maharashtra

Mumbai: Chandrapur in Vidarbha today recorded the maximum temperature of 46.4 degree Celsius, which was highest in Maharashtra, the data released by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) revealed.

Chandrapur's temperature shot up by 4.7 degree Celsius above normal to be at 46.4 degree Celsius. The minimum temperature there stood at 26.2 degree Celsius, it said.

Pune recorded lowest temperature in the state at 20.4 degree Celsius, while the maximum temperature was 40.8 degree Celsius, it said.

"There is a heatwave like condition in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, but areas like Madhya Maharashtra and Marathwada do not have any heatwave alerts. The temperature is upwards in most of the areas.

"The heat wave intensity is more in the central parts of the country, with Saurashtra, parts of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan heating up severely; it is affecting temperature in Maharashtra as well," V K Rajeev, director of IMD-Mumbai told PTI.

Most of the areas except the Konkan region are experiencing maximum temperature of more than 40 degree Celsius in the state.

Mumbai's temperature remained normal as it recorded 33 degree Celsius as maximum temperature and minimum temperature at 26.3 degree Celsius, said the data.

All the weather stations of IMD in Vidarbha recorded maximum temperature above 40 degree Celsius, the IMD data revealed.

While Chandrapur was the hottest, Nagpur recorded 45.5 degree Celsius maximum temperature. It recorded a minimum temperature at 26.5 degree Celsius.

Wardha recorded a maximum temperature of 45 degree Celsius and minimum temperature of 26.5 degree Celsius, the IMD data revealed.

Buldhana in Vidarbha reported highest rise in minimum temperature at 5.3 degree Celsius to 29.4 degree Celsius.

It's maximum temperature was 41 degree Celsius, the IMD data revealed.

In neighbouring Marathwada, Nanded recorded 44.4 degree Celsius. It's minimum temperature was 24.5 degree Celsius.

While Osmanabad reported maximum temperature at 43.1 degree Celsius. The minimum temperature was not available.

Aurangabad, reported maximum rise in its minimum temperature in Marathwada. It's minimum temperature rose by 5.8 degree Celsius taking it to 28 degree Celsius.

Aurangabad reported 41.4 degree Celsius as maximum temperature, said the IMD data.

Malegaon in Nashik district was the hottest place in Madhya Maharashtra with 44.6 degree Celsius maximum temperature. It's night temperature was 25.4 degree Celsius.

Solapur's minimum temperature fell by 1.5 degree Celsius to 23.2 degree Celsius. It recorded a maximum temperature of 43.8 degree Celsius.

Ahmednagar reported 44.3 degree Celsius as maximum temperature. It's minimum temperature was 20.6 degree Celsius, the data revealed.