Chanakya-News24 will tell you Gujarat results on Dec 14..Best are together again

New Delhi, Dec 11:  Chanakya is coming back on News 24. If you want to know who will win Gujarat, then News24 is the channel to watch on December 14. Today's Chanakya-News24 Exit Poll will paint the true picture of Gujarat political scenario, and even before the poll results you will know who will be 'Gujarat Ka Sardar'. It's because of the credility that it is called Today's Chanakya. Chanakya has been hitting bull's eye with its prediction. Let's have a look at some of the important  earlier exit polls when News24-Chanakya was bang on.

It was News24-Chanakya poll that predicted thumping majority for Narendra Modi after the 2014 general elections. Chanakya had predicted 291 seats for BJP and 340 for the NDA. And guess what, the actual results were 282 for BJP and 336 for NDA.  One more reason for you to keep watching News24.

That was not the only bang on prediction by Chanakya. Iin 2017 UP elections, it was Chanakya that had the courage and accuracy to predict landslide for BJP with 285 seats. Actual result was 311. 

Chanakya is now coming back with Gujarat results on News 24. It will hit bull's eye again. Watch the best and accurate, book your seat now. Why go the rest when the best is here.