Chanakya Himachal Exit Poll..Brahmin, Rajputs boot out Cong,bring in BJP

New Delhi, Dec 14:  Today's Chanakya-News24 Exit Poll has predicted bumper victory for the BJP in Himachal Pradesh. The Chanakya poll says that Brahmins and Rajputs played a big role in BJP victory, while anti-incumbency and image of outgoing CM Virbdhadra Singh too went against the ruling Congress government. Today's Chanakya has given 55 seats to the BJP, and 13 to Congress in the 68 seat Himachal Pradesh Assembly. 

Now let us look at how different castes voted in the Himachal elections:

Apart from the upper caste voting against the Congress, the electorate seemed to be unhappy with Virbhadra style of governance:     

Today's Chanakya-News24 Seat Projection

BJP is likley to get 55 seats (plus/minus 7), Congress 13 seats (plus/minus7), while others are likley to go blank (plus/minus 3). In terms of vote percentage, the exit polls gives 51% (plus/minus 3%), Congress 38% (plus/minus 3%), while others are expected to get 11% (plus/minus 3%) votes.