Celine Dion gives Beyonce advice for raising twins

Las Vegas, Feb 24 (IANS) Singer Celine Dion gave fellow singer Beyoncé Knowles an advice for raising twins saying that it's going to be hectic.

"I think it's a double blessing. I have twins. I think she's (Beyonce) covered. She's been in the business for so long, she's got her own people... When she does something, she knows what she's doing," Dion told eonline.com here at the launch of her first lifestyle collection with The Bugatti Group. 

In addition to 16-year-old René-Charles Angélil, Dion raises Eddy and Nelson Angélil, aged 6. 

Dion had one piece of advice for the expectant mother. 

"It's going to be hectic in the house. But she's fortunate enough that she can have all the people that she wants to help her, but no one will ever replace a mom and she's a great mom. I'm pretty sure of that," said Dion.