Celebrity Homes Feature: Suneil Shetty and Mana Shetty


Bollywood actor Suneil Shetty and wife Mana Shetty have created a heaven for themselves, far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, in Khandala with their two children Athiya and Ahaan. 


Their home reflects all the zen (balance, love, happiness) that we need to make our house a home. Lets take a look at their space. 



* Firstly, the flooring and the ceiling are wood. Wood is the simplest way to give your home an opulent makeover. It also keeps your house cooler in the summers and balanced in the winters. The home is designed  with lots of open ceilings to supply natural light and bring you closer to nature. 



* Their backyard consists of a large water-body, thus moderating the temperature of the house. The water-body also brings a calming effect to your moods and the magical, blue colour is also soothing to the eyes. 





* With a neutral palate like auburn (wood) and cream, they have infused a lot of colour with many artifacts from their travels around the world. The high ceilings bring volume to it and make a home feel more luxurious. 




* The bursts of plants in nook and corners of the house enhance the vision behind building the house, which is to bring you closer to nature. 




* Although wood might seem like a hard and sturdy type of material, their furniture reflects comfort and warmth with large cushions and armchairs to rest your feet. 




* Their bedroom is devoid of any artifacts or clutter because its their place to sleep. The colour palette is also quite soothing- purple to pink. The skylight in the balcony, again, makes the house seem magnanimous and sort of becomes inclusive and cozy rather than exclusive and haughty.