Celebrity Homes Feature: Parineeti Chopra



Her home is where she recharges herself so that she can be just as perky and lively in her next film! It just exhibits various facets of her personality - Vibrant, Fluid and affable! 


Let's jot-down her reasons for styling her home the way it is: 


* Living Room: The usage of Wood - paneling, built-in shelves, built-in wall units for television and music systems isn't just a solid material but a very functional choice also. Its great to maintain also. The colour palette is also very varied, from grey to blue to florescent throwaway cushions - quite eclectic! 




* The Dining Room: Again, a mix of coloring, however pastel colors, which is quite pleasing to the eyes. The wood paneling continues. The mirrored wall just expands the room because it reflects back the area. Its great for compact spaces! 



* The Den Area: Wooden floors, my absolute favorite - they are great to maintain, they are cooler in summers and warmer in winters. Makes you feel like you're living in a tree. Again, very functional furniture keeping comfort in mind. 



* The Bedroom: The room only has a monotone of white, probably because she doesn't want to be too distracted with all the color and just sleep. The mirror is placed just to reflect the room and expand it. The wooden panel just elevating its simpleness a bit more.