Celebrity Homes Feature: Kabir Khan and Mini Mathur


When you visit the home of superhit director Kabir Khan and his talente wife Mini Mathur, you are awed by the diverse cultures they have brought into their homes! 

Their friendly, affable and bright personalities are reflected in their choice of color and decor. Also, their love for art and history, also. There's an old world charm to it, yet, its absolutely functional. 

Its as if you're in the small towns of Asilah, Morocco or Ortona, Italy or Dorval, Canada! 


* Firstly, their living room is a combination of bright colours (pleasing to the eye) such as blues, greens, violets, lavenders and tangerine! These colors blend and aren't too distracting! 


* The furniture is also functional! The light, wood and cane can be moved around and also upholstered easily. 


Here are some pictures of their enchanting home: