Celebrity Homes Feature: Arjun Kapoor!



From unique-yet-functional furniture, to brick walls, to a transparent shower door (whoa!) in his bedroom to plenty of dvds and books, his home reflects his personality: young, fun, flirty and laid-back! The versatile actor has created a safe-haven for himself in the hustle and bustle of his profession. 


Here are a few pics of his super-stylish home: 


* Living Room: The subtle colours of tangerines and cream are great because they blend well with all seasons! Also, light colours make your space seem larger! A dash of colour with red decoration pieces and golden centre-pieces change up the palette a little bit, making it less boring. 



* Bedroom: Coming to the room where he actually performs (he's a bachelor, we can make jokes, right?). The colour palette again remains very subtle, with neutral shades such as whites, greys and creams! Just the tranquility he requires after those long hauling schedules!  




* The Den is actually where all the action happens! The red brick walls, the wooden cabinets, the hardwood floors speak of the functionality factor of the room. It's just purely to relaxe. 





* A bonus picture: The bathroom is also quite a theatrical piece in his abode: with glass shower doors, a skylight and spotlights. The actor in him never ceases, we believe!