Celebrities that went from FIT TO FAT

We're so accustomed to our stars looking fab and delish at all times! We look forward to their appearances at various events and their movies! Maybe because we're un-perfect and they fulfill our fantasies of what we would like to look like! Thus when they cease to be the more beautiful versions of themselves, we are just a taint bit shocked and sad. Here are four celebrities that have given us a shock with their recent pictures: 


* Uday Chopra: He actually was popular with the girls because of his hot-bod and was the hotter of the duo in the Dhoom Series! Thus when he was recently spotted at Imran Khan's house, his ladyfans were aghast! The actor completely looked unrecognizable!  



* Harmann Baweja: It seemed like Harmann Baweja had it all going for himself back in 2008. He was to make his debute, was considered the younger version of then current top-actor Hrithik Roshan and had Priyanka Chopra for a ladylove!! However, the debacle of the movie and then a few incorrect choices led him to fade away from the spotlight. 

* Fardeen Khan: The scion of the super-handsome KhaanDaan, Fardeen's lady-fans were FIDAA over him!  However, he chose a life of anonymity (much to our dismay) by getting married to Natasha Madhvani and fatherhood. When he appeared in a much beefed-up manner recently, people were shocked. Unfortunately, he wasn't spared by the social media trolls either.

* Mahima Choudhary: What happened, pretty lady? When she made her big debut with one of the most popular directors (Subhash Ghai), we actually considered that she would have something great to offer! She delivered to our expectations as she was seen in a variety of roles thereafter. She fit the characteristics of an actress to the T- beauty, talent and great dancing abilities. However, she also chose a life of a recluse and thus we were shocked to see her amazing transformation today.