Canada ranks as the 2nd best country in the world

Beating out some 60 countries and trailing only behind Germany, Canada managed to be ranked the 2nd best country in the world according to the list released by World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Canadians are sure enjoying the “good life” inspite of their diversities in climate, and culture. Coming in at number one for quality of life and number two for citizenship. Lets look at two main reasons why Canada has achieved this ranking.

Firstly, it has garnered its “no 1 quality of life” tag based on several factors. These factors include affordability, purchasing power of consumers, the job market, income equality and pay benefits, economic and political stability and most importantly quality of public services such as healthcare and public school systems. Canadians enjoy the best of each of these factors and because of quality public services, are able to stay healthy and in turn become major contributors to the economy as well.

Secondly, the rights that the citizens enjoy in the country. The citizenship sub-ranking decides upon many factors such as gender equality, equal pay, human rights, freedom to practice different religions and trustworthiness. Current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau's cabinet, has an equal number of men and women (15 each) and is well represented to reflect Canada's racial diversity. Thus, Canadians can completely trust their country's leader to lead them to a safe and secure enviroment.

Overall, Canada, welcomes immigrants and celebrates diversity, draws some of its national identity from its expansive wilderness, has produced a long list of accomplished writers and artists, and is a high-tech industrial society with a high standard of living.