Cambodian PM to reshuffle cabinet next month

Phnom Penh: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Thursday said he has requested the National Assembly to reshuffle his cabinet on April 4 in order to increase work efficiency.

"The upcoming reshuffle is to increase the government's work efficiency. No any ministers are bad, but some ministers are not very active," he said.

Hun Sen hinted that eight ministers would be either removed or reshuffled, Xinhua news agency reported.

Last month, Hun Sen warned Transport Minister Tram Ivtek and Agriculture Minister Ouk Rabun for not working actively.

The fifth term government was established in September 2013. 

Its cabinet comprised one prime minister, nine deputy prime ministers, 15 senior ministers, 13 ministers attached to the prime minister, 27 ministers, and hundreds of secretary of states and undersecretary of states.