Bring Ordinance for Ram temple, VHP pressure on PM Modi before elections

New Delhi, Oct 5, News24 Bureau: A strong demand for Ram Mandir grows as the saints and seers now want an Ordinance on this.The politics around the Ram Mandir is growing as the date of final decision nears in Supreme Court. Ram mandir issue has also been a milching cow for various governments and the topic surfaces time and again during the election time.This time though the saint community is in no mood to let the politicians brush the topic beneath the carpet and they have been vocal about the necessity of building the Ram Mandir at earliest possible; even if the government has to bring an Ordinance on this.The one-day meeting of the VHP's high-powered committee discussed and deliberated on the future course of action on the construction of Ram temple in disputed Ayodhya.

36 saints were invited by the VHP to discuss the Ram Mandir issue. It is interesting to note that this comes just after RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat made a statement on Ram Mandir. He had advocated for an early construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya.The stoic and calm saints are in no mood to pardon the Modi government for their lackadaisical attitude on the temple issue.

Swami Chinmayanand questioned the stoic silence of PM Narendra Modi and said that the PM should be forthcoming on the topic.

Acharya Mahamandeleshwar Vishokanand said that it is embarrassing when they are confronted with uncomfortable questions from the people who ask why PM Modi has not come forward with any action on the Ram Mandir issue.

The VHP’s high-powered committee of saints and seers, “Sant Uchchadhikar Samiti” met on Friday, October 5, to discuss the future course of action on the issue, which could also see fresh efforts to revive the campaign for the construction of a “grand Ram temple in Ayodhya”.It is also interesting to note that during the RSS Conclave in the national capital Mohan Bhagwat had displayed an all-encompassing mood and attitude of the otherwise hardliner Hindu outfit. He sang paeans for the Congress and the Muslims.