Brexit last thing the economy needs: David Cameron

London: British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned local voters that leaving the European Union was the "last thing the economy needs" and would be a vote for recession. Cameron made the remark at an event in his own Witney constituency in Oxfordshire, Xinhua news agency cited Sky News on Saturday. Economic security was the single most important thing for people to consider, and none of the arguments for Brexit were "able to counter the immediate and sustained hit that we would suffer to our economy" if Britain left the EU, Cameron said. Addressing voters on the biggest day of campaigning yet, dubbed Super Saturday, Cameron said: "If we vote to leave on 23 June we will be voting for higher prices, we will be voting for fewer jobs, we will be voting for lower growth, we will be voting potentially for a recession. That is the last thing our economy needs." Cameron said that the referendum was "more important than a general election" and the "chance for a generation of a lifetime".