Breakups are healthy! Know how

Breakups do hurt! But along with benefits. They help you grow at emotional level and force you to explore yourself to be a better you.

Several studies have claimed that post breakup is the best time for personal growth.

Here is the list of benefits that breakups provide you with:

Better health and Physique

In a survey conducted by YourTango, they found that 35 percent of people said they were motivated to hit the gym and start a new diet post-breakup.

Helps to find the real you

You are usually suggested to try new things post break-up. Thus, providing you with an opportunity to have an improved sense of self.

Makes you emotionally stronger

People who have gone through hard times are better equipped at handling future hardships.

Makes you kinder

After experiencing the pain of being emotionally and physically hurt, people try not to be the reason of somebody’s pain.

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