Anandiben Patel offers to resign as Gujarat chief minister

New Delhi: Citing in her Facebook post that she would be turning 75 this November, Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel on Monday offered to resign from her post.

Expressing her desire to be relieved of responsibilities of Gujarat Chief Minister, Ms Patel thanked Bharatiya Janata Party for entrusting her with the responsibility of a chief minister. “I am grateful towards BJP for the amount of responsibilities I have been trusted with over time,” she wrote.

The BJP has been considering replacing the Gujarat chief minister as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah want to craft a new strategy to ensure that the party retains their home state in assembly elections next year. 

Ms Patel resigned saying she wants to pave the way for younger leaders in the party.

Reports said that Patel will be appointed as a state governor to make place for a new chief minister. 

Meanwhile, BJP president Amit Shah said that he has received Anandiben Patel's letter. "Her letter will now be kept before the BJP Parliamentary board for further decision," Shah said.

News24 Bureau