Mumbai MTNL building fire: All the people trapped were rescued, no injuries reported...Video

 New Delhi, July 2: All the people trapped were rescued. No injuries or casualties have been reported so far. Around 84 employees rescued via cranes, News24 reports.

The blaze erupted round 3.10 pm on the fourth floor of the ground-plus-nine storey building and started spreading upwards, trapping many working in the building.

Many MTNL employees, who were out on lunch at that time, said they saw huge clouds of smoke billowing out of the building and alerted their colleagues inside to move to safety.

As there was no way out, many of them rushed towards the terrace and could be seen frantically waving their hands and kerchiefs and screaming for help from the rescue teams below.

Braving strong winds, firemen, using sophisticated ladders, managed to reach the terrace and rescued those trapped on the terrace, including several women.

Police cordoned off traffic on the road to enable rescue vehicles and ambulances rush to the tragedy site.

This is the second fire in the city in the past two days. On Sunday afternoon, one person was killed in a blaze at the Churchill Chambers building in Colaba, while 14 others were rescued safely by the fire brigade.  

60 people rescued from MTNL Building in Bandra, Mumbai. Many more feared to be trapped. 

At least 14 fire tenders are present at the spot.

                                         (Video Courtesy: Avinaash pandey)

Live rescue operation. 

                                 (Video Courtesy: Deepak Dubey)

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