Brazil President Temer leaves hospital after heart surgery

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Rio de Janeiro, Nov 28: Brazil President Michel Temer has been discharged from the Sirio-Libanes hospital in Sao Paulo after heart surgery. Posting on Twitter after his release on Monday, Temer thanked the doctors for their help and Brazilian people for their support, Xinhua reported. "I thank the medical team for their attention and the care of those who helped and prayed for me. I will soon return to work," the President wrote on Twitter. Temer was admitted to the hospital on Friday and received an operation called an angioplasty to remove obstructions in three coronary arteries and to place a stent in two of these. A stent is a soft metallic tube that stops arteries from clogging up again. According to doctors, the surgery lasted around 90 minutes, and was necessary to ensure that Temer, Brazil's oldest ever president at 77, can continue to enjoy a good quality of life.