Brazil announces increased security in Rio International Airport

Brasilia: The Brazilian government has announced increased security at the Rio International Airport ahead of the upcoming Olympic Games slated to begin on August 5. Some 1,200 security personnel have already started training and will be stationed in the airport beginning next week. Simulations of situations with bombs were held earlier on Tuesday, with the participation of police, armed forces, trained dogs and even robots, Xinhua news agency reported. Security from 100 countries and regions will help enhance the security of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  According to regional security coordinator Cristiano Sampaio, there is a special task force to deal with terrorism threats, with the participation of officers from several countries and regions. "There is a specific anti-terrorism center, with the participation of agents from six countries (and regions), which recently suffered with terrorism or face that problem in their realities - US, France, England, Belgium, Paraguay and Argentina," he said. With the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, security was increased for the Olympic Games, and Brazil's intelligence agency, Abin is working alongside other organisations to deal with the possibility of attacks during the tournament.  The Olympic Games will start on August 5 and the Paralympic Games start on September 7.