Bollywood Music Trends in 2018

Bollywood music is ever-evolving. A bit late to the party, but the music industry (in Bollywood) has begun to explore several efforts to be at par with the world– in areas such as remixes, the sound or an area as fundamental as the storyline.

Music comprises of a vital component of mainstream Bollywood movies and its always been the usp of a movie. Everyone from the actors to the directors to the lyricists take very keen interest in the songs of their movie because they are the first glimpse (as a marketing technique) of their movie. They can either make or break the movie for the initial response.  

While Bollywood saw a slew of original and entertaining movies like 'Bareilly Ki Barfi', 'Newton', 'Shubh Mangal Saavdhan', 'Toilet Ek Prem Katha', 'Jolly LLB' creating ripples at the box office last year, yet the music industry seemed to be a caught in time warp.

However, to begin the new year on a renewed sense of hope and to be stimulated in new ways, here are some trends to look ahead to in 2018: 


Firstly, lets bid goodbye to remixes.  It’s a great way to re-introduce songs of the past to the current generation, however, it causes a disconnect from the golden eras. In a quest to bring you with the current times, it makes you forget those lovely childhood memories that these songs helped you create. Composer-singer-writer-performer Shekhar Ravjiani was among the few to score original hits in 2017. Hoping to innovate with genres, he says, "Simple melodies with minimalist orchestration always works. While our music industry offers a range of genres, I hope they go easy on remixes this year. Our (Vishal-Shekhar) plan is to create original music, which we personally would listen and dance to. Genre is defined by new creation and that is what I plan to explore."




Secondly, welcoming independent music (indie music). Composer Ehsaan sees India's independent music creating big waves this year. He says, "Streaming and internet-based music has been in the forefront and has made the entire money-making process and the diagram of the current music scene different. It would be good to see money spent on promoting Indie bands and artistes, which will enrich the music industry. RD Burman and Bappi Lahiri, back in the 70s, and Annu Malik in the 90s made some efforts to infuse western trends into Bollywood. However, Western music remains quite a foreign thing. An increase in music venues and promotion of music festivals is making the live environment in India dynamic and exposing audiences to myriads of new artistes."

Although its true we can’t think of Bollywood cinema without colorfully choreographed song – dance sequences that sometimes become more popular than the movies themselves. We have a rich lineage of songs that beautifully complement our movies so much so that over many years it has become an essential ingredient.

We have nailed the fact that we can match the right sentiments with the right song, be it love, patriotism, joy, sorrow, pain and anger! However, the need of the moment is whether they are relevant or not. With moviemakers turning towards alternative ways of depicting emotions such as stronger dialogues and effective storylines, they are steering away from the dependency on songs. So the scene of music scene needs to change altogether. It can only be relevant if it makes sense. Music of various backgrounds need to be incorporated so that they can bring a certain variant factor to it rather than being redundant and repetitive.