Bollywood celebs praise Team India after World Cup exit

Indian Cricket Team

Delhi, July 11: The Indian cricket team's loss to New Zealand in the World Cup semifinals has prompted a host of Bollywood celebrities to share their grief on social media.

Although the vast majority of Indians are unhappy with the defeat in the semi-final of the World Cup, there is no resentment from the fans.

In the at the end of the World Cup's league stage, Team India were at the top spot with 15 points, and most Indian fans are happy with the team's overall performance.

Bollywood stars also praised the Indian players. There were a number of tweets in the support of the Indian team by B-Town stars on Twitter.

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan, who sported a blue jersey, supported the Indian team against New Zealand, and wrote on Twitter after India's defeat, "Respect and thank you team India for giving us so much."

Many Bollywood celebs shared their opinions after the match, including Anupam Kher, Arjun Rampal, Isha Gupta, Atul Kasabkar and others.

Although the Indian team started their innings on a disastrous note, MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja kept Indian hopes alive with a spirited fightback.

After the loss of Team India, Virat Kohli believed that New Zealand had the best bowling. We did not play well. Our day was not on Wednesday. Commenting on his tweets, Sunil Shetty wrote that Team India's champions will always be proud of us.

Aamir Khan shared a poster for Team India on Twitter.

"Hard Work India, India had won for me the same day when he reached the semifinals. Everyone played well, if the rain did not come yesterday, the result would have been more. Well Done Proud of India We love you," Aamir wrote.

Arjun Rampal also came out in Team India's support.

"Supporting our #teamindia, you guys played tremendous cricket. Just not our day today. I can not imagine how much people are getting bothered. Thank you for all the great matches you played. Gave us a lot to please. Love my team #TeamIndia," he wrote.

Shekhar Kapoor also gave his opinion.

Who knew what the result could have been if yesterday's rain had not interrupted the game, but India is the real champion of this World Cup. # Virat Kohli and his boys are worth getting a standing ovation #Worldcup # indiavsNewzealand2019," he tweeted.

Filmmaker Atul Kasbekar was also sad but proud of Team India.

"We are very proud of our team, all of them, the whole team, always always played #BleedBlue good, hope u now win all this," he tweeted.

Sunil Grover also shared his opinion.

"I wish we had won, we lost today to 2 cm when Dhoni was run out. Team India did well in the tournament. Their commitment is proud. Congratulations New Zealand Superb fielding and bowling," he wrote on Twitter.

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