Blood sucking vampires of UP caught.. They were killing patients with fake blood

Lucknow, Oct 26: They are blood sucking vampires, sucking on human blood. No better words to describe the seven men arrested here for selling fake blood. They were playing with lives of patients by selling chemically produced blood to needy patients. The arrests were made by the special task force of UP Police on Thursday.The STF seized eight units of fake blood in a raid conducted at two hospitals in the Madiaon area.  Kingpin Naseem too has been arrested.Later STF raided some hospitals in Faizullaganj and Cantonment area. The hub of the racket was Madiaon, STF sources said.After getting a tip off, first a team under STF Dy SP did a recce of the blood banks and hospitals. This continued for  15 days. After gathering strong evidence STF raided the hospitals.

The probe showed that the accused used water and chemicals to dilute blood and increase quantity. No doctor or professional was involved by the culprits. Shockingly, none of the arrested are even graduate and have studied only till Class 12.  Modus operandi was simple. The culprits bought blood from poor rickshaw pullers and labourers and gave them Rs 1,000-1,200 per unit. Then the culprits woulddilute this blood with water and chemicals and sold it ath the rate of Rs 3,500 per unit.

News24 Bureau